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 AMG Projects is proud to present its upcoming exhibition titled: ‘Twenty Twenty-Three’. Opening 30th April to 21st of May 2022, the group exhibition features the works of three artists whose works are deeply rooted in social and political commentary.

With the political campaign season and upcoming election year in Nigeria as its focal point, Bob Nosa Uwagboe, Uche Uzorka and Habeeb Andu bring their response to critical issues to the forefront of the conversation in hopes of fostering necessary dialogue.

Best known for his iconic portrayal and depiction of controversial subjects in a satirical manner, Bob Nosa Uwagboe’s art fearlessly defies conventional boundaries and political correctness. Through his work he continues to comment on a wide array of issues ranging from Human rights to elitism and the role of religion in the decay of modern day African societies.

In a similar manner, Uche Uzorka creates narratives that define social issues. Using various media in his work, he explores the domino effects from systemic breakdown. Politics, the environment, education and corruption are some of the recurring themes in his critically acclaimed body of work.

Stemming largely from personal experience, Habeeb Andu’s daring approach to creating emotionally charged imagery makes him an important commentator on the afflictions endured by Nigerians on a daily basis. Through a diverse array of mediums he constantly shines the spotlight on topics from unemployment to police brutality while finding a way to connect the dots from one end to the other.

When societies are in turmoil, artists are always called on to lead the charge in challenging the status quo. We believe it is imperative that Cultural institutions provide platforms for artistic expression aimed at facilitating this much needed social commentary. At this moment, there is no subject more defining than TWENTY TWENTY THREE in Nigeria.


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