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Born in 1981, Lagos, Nigeria, Soji Adesina is a multidisciplinary artist working across painting, graphic design, film, photography, sculpture, and installation. With acrylic as his primary medium of visual expression, Soji’s unique aesthetic reflects the subject and theme he explores, a combination of different artistic styles of expression.

Soji Adesina’s work is inspired by the complexity of human behavior and how it shapes certain socio- cultural issues like identity, language, migration, science, evolution, globalization, and conflict.

“I explored abstraction initially, but as time progressed, I understood the importance of the politics of the human body, especially as a black man from Africa, the narrative of how modernization, the issue of colonization, the issue of slavery had to do a lot with the physicality of Africans and that made me consider how my artistic expression will progress.”

Over the years research and experimentation have served as a method of developing his work and pushing the boundaries of possibilities, a method he began very early on.  As a child he admired drawings by Frank Frazetta and as an adult works by Mike Omoighe, Wangechi Mutu and Egin Schieles.  Forging his own distinctive style through radical experimentation with materials and techniques, this resulted in a deliberate distortion and exaggeration to the portraiture and figurative forms we see.

“It is my hope that those who come across the works I create not only enjoy the aesthetics but also ponder on the context within which they were created.

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