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Exhibiting Artists:

Nkechi Ebibedike      Sophia Oshodin       Yaknoabasi Ene

“LOVE ETERNALLY ” is a roller coaster of self-expression and liberation. Three artists who exist in parallel universes come together to reflect on ideas related to identity, kinship,society and culture. Tapping into personal experiences, they individually wade into narratives ranging from celebrating the grace of black womanhood,navigating preset rules of engagement in today's world to the essence of sisterhood.  


From an eclectic burst of colours to muted palettes,the show addresses the intricacies of each artists' existence through the prism of their worldview. Nigerian American artist Nkechi Ebubedike uses the distortion of culturally familiar veils and an abstract play on light to convey the journey and spiritual awakening of her subjects. The ingenious symbolism in her process highlights identity and self determination while consistently providing commentary on what it means to be a woman of African descent trying to fit into so many different boxes. 


From the other side of the pond is Sophia Oshodin whose take on the somewhat mundane activities of her subjects manifests into a colourful visual celebration of women at ease. Oshodin's paintings tell a story of the unbothered nature of the everyday woman, a concept that is unfamiliar but slowly gaining traction in our collective consciousness. Painting freely,she depicts her figures in habitual yet liberating milieus seeking to drive home the point that her gender is not bound by the expectations of conformity to societal expectations. 


Bringing it back home with a keen emphasis on family and belonging is the Lagos based artist Yaknoabasi Ene. Ene's portrayal of the intimate voyage of sisterhood is compelling. Her allusive storytelling captures the delicate stages of relationships based on bonds formed by adventures and childhood memories. Inspired by her own upbringing,this series was created with gratitude for a shared life with her siblings as its core intention. While reflecting on the growing pains of coming up under harsh circumstances,she still finds a way to speak to her thankfulness for the love that carried them through and hopes for continued bliss even in the afterlife.


Every work from this show offers a unique perspective on key aspects of existence in the context of Black womanhood. From the mundane to watershed moments,Love Eternally as a full circle experience sheds light on how identity and ethnicity shapes experiences regardless of locale. Through their craft,three artists of Nigerian descent  with varying styles and backgrounds reveal to us that their experiences as African women transcend physical borders. 


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