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Exhibiting Artist:

Simon Ojeaga

“Each member of the family in his own cell of consciousness, each making his own patchwork quilt of reality- collecting fragments of experience here, pieces of information there. From the tiny impressions gleaned from one another, they created a sense of belonging and tried to make do with the way they found each other,”

-Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye




For his Solo debut, Simon Richard Ojeaga set out to capture various stages of familial interaction and unwavering human expression during enduring circumstances. These intricate paintings address the duality of emotions; that composure we can sometimes portray for the world to see and the truth that lies underneath the masks we wear. In exploration of his very unique technique and continuous research on anatomy and movement, precise almost mathematically placed lines and tone graduation are employed to create intricately detailed portraits that seek to drive home the point that everything we see on the outside hides another thing. This show highlights the evolution of this outstanding talent in his journey as a contemporary artist of African descent trying to carve a niche for himself in a crowded field. Lines and Wonder is Simon's first solo show in what we believe will be a career filled with many hallmark moments. He also participated in I like you're different, a group exhibition with AMG Projects in January 2022.

Fluidity Sameple Catalogue.pdf
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