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Exhibiting Artist:

Chukwudubem Ukaigwe

AMG Projects in collaboration with Kanbi Projects is pleased to present

Elegy of the wind, a solo exhibition of works by Canada-based Nigerian

artist Chukwudubem Ukaigwe.

Elegy of the wind is a poetic self-reflection, an introspective observation

of the human condition and the economy of language with reference to

its universal implication and inferences. The works in the exhibition is an

assemblage of writings, thoughts, and ideas, some that are at odds

with each other, creating a tension of perspectives that sets a stage for

the viewer to come into the works on their own terms, piecing their own

stories and the generative possibilities that it offers.

The works in the exhibition function as stand-alone essays or

compositions covering a wide range of subject matter: western

imperialism, migration, consumerism, global warming to mention a few.

However, consistent across the works is Ukaigwe's now developed

visual style: the questioning of mark making through an active covering

and exposition of layers of the under painting.

Ukaigwe's approach to painting is influenced by improvisation in jazz,

evident in the complexity of his compositions. Across the works in the

exhibition, Ukaigwe sketches the shifting borders of home and nation

to create an invisible connection between capitalism in the West and

the legacy of imperialism in Africa utilising satire, allegory and


Born in 1995, Ukaigwe is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, writer, and

cultural worker who approaches his art practice as a conversation, or a

portal into one, and in some instances, as an interpretation of this

ongoing exchange. He earned his BFA (Honours) degree at the

University of Manitoba and was the 2020 recipient of the Scott Leroux

Fund for Media Arts Exploration. His work has been exhibited

internationally, recently in the group show Self-Addressed curated by

Kehinde Wiley at Jeffery Deitch, Los Angeles. He has exhibited across

Canada, New York, London, and Accra.

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